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Testing and Inspections

Electrical safety is a serious issue with electrical installations and equipment accounting for the majority of serious electrical accidents.

Matt and the team can meet your electrical safety requirements for:

  • Testing and tagging of electrical equipment
  • Electrical safety inspections - homes, rental properties, businesses

Testing and Tagging Requirements

AS/NZ3760 In-Service Safety Inspection and Testing of Electrical Equipment covers the mandatory inspection of electrical equipment across Australia.

Each state has its own regulations for testing and tagging, with Queensland mandating a cycle of between 3 months and 5 years depending on the equipment usage and operating environment.

Testing and tagging must be performed by qualified testers - call Matt Devitt Electrical on 0437 670 317 for all your testing and tagging needs.

Electrical Inspections

Keeping your family home, rental property or place of business safe is of primary concern - and electrical accidents can be amongst the most serious.

Electrical inspections are increasingly popular with homeowners - particularly in the case of property purchase. Faulty or inadequate electrical installations can be dangerous and costly to repair so many people are finding it prudent to conduct an electrical safety inspection as part of a property settlement.

In a business or rental property scenario, owners with a duty of care over their tenants or customers may opt for safety inspections as an early warning for potential issues.

With 15 years experience in the electrical industry and as an accredited Master Electrician you can be sure Matt Devitt Electrical will provide a professional and thorough safety inspection for your circumstances. Call us today on 0437 670 317 to arrange an inspection.