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Supply of Lights, Fans, and Electrical Fittings

Lights, fans and electrical fittings are available from a variety of sources but did you know that cheap fittings may end up costing you more for installation?

It is often advisable to speak with your electrician before purchasing electrical fittings for new or replacement work as some fittings require additional work to install or may not be suitable for your purpose. The total installed cost of a cheap fitting may be more than that of a higher quality fitting so call us first for the best result at the most competitive price!

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Lighting and Electrical Plans

Matt Devitt Electrical has lighting and electrical planning consultants available to help achieve an optimum result regardless of your requirements - from energy efficiency to dazzling effect...

When planning for a new house or renovation it is often tempting to cut corners with electrical; one light here and one power point there...

Whilst this may save a little in the short term it may be a costly corner to cut. In many situations the cost of later installing lights and power may be many times the cost of an initial installation or at least the provision for later services.

Matt Devitt Electrical will work with you to provide the information to make the right decision whilst meeting your budget. We can also quote to supply lights, fans and electrical fittings for your installation at competitive prices.